Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Texas has worst record of prison sex abuse

Sexual abuse is a big problem in prison in the state of Texas. Texas, out of all the other states have a higher rate in sexual abuse in prisons. Many letters from inmates have been sent to congress telling them of the abuse that the officers do to them. One inmate,Garrett Cunningham, told his story to congress about what an officer did to him when he was on his way to the shower. He said that the officer hand cuffed him and raped him. Then threaten him saying he would tranfer him to another unit that would rape him all the time if he told anyone.
Many men and women have been sexually assualted by officers and inmates. They beg for help from adminstrators and staff, but they have gotten no help and no answers.
I honestly believe this should have been taken care of along time ago. Just because they did something that was against the law doesn't mean they deserve to be raped and being threatin to be transfered somewhere worse. Congress needed to do something about this as soon as they heard about this. Rape is rape no matter who it is. I don't care if the person was in jail for stealing they don't deserve to be treated the way they are by the staff and by other prisoners. They should have cameras at every angel watching every guard and inmate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comment on a colleague’s work #1

This is in response to "Fess Up, Y'all Know Govt Matters" blog posted on April 6, 2010. I honestly believe you are right about having Democrats run our state again. Rick Perry is making us look foolish for just saying no to something that Washington and OUR President tells us. He wouldn't feel that way if one of his buddies was in office or even if he was in Washington or office. Well I just say no to Perry. It is time for him to just let someone else take the role as governor. And not make us look like ignorant rednecks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping a closer eye on crime in downtown Austin

The Austin Police Department is going through some issues debating whether or not to install security cameras in high-crime areas around the downtown area. The main issue being how long the recorded video should be kept, due to the fact that the video will be available for public view and some might want to use the video for there own civil law suits or just to treat there curiosity.

I believe cameras should be allowed in these high-crime areas regardless of how people feel about the privacy being intruded. There safety should be there number one concern, that’s the entire reason the police department was founded was to protect and serve. As for the videos being used for public viewing, I believe we have a right to see what’s being video taped as well as what’s going on in our neighborhoods. Whether or not the videos should be used for civil lawsuits is completely up to the person pressing the charges. It wouldn’t be any different if the person pressing the charges were to video tape it and use that in there lawsuit. They’ve already tried something similar to this back in 2007 when they used cameras to catch people who ran red lights! People complained about how it was an invasion of privacy but how is it any different than if there was a cop sitting at that light instead of a camera.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drug Treatment Center to Break Ground

“There is a “new” groundbreaking date for Substance Abuse Treatment Center”, says Texas State Representative Aaron Pena. Once completed the facility will be 11,000 square foot. Three million dollars have been secured for this project. They are hoping that the clinic will be completed April 2011.Hidalgo County has been needing this facility open and begin giving treatments to individuals and families battling the addictions. The county will fund the clinic with local, state, and federal dollars. The state and local budgets will include more funding for substance abuse treatment programs for low level, non-violent offenders. Law enforcers continue to keep schools and neighborhoods safe. Even though the enforcements won’t be enough. Educating the children and adults about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse will most likely help. Also providing meaningful treatment and rehabilitation services will be helping this fight against substance abuse.
I do agree with the blogger on the fight against substance abuse. That having this facility will help many people with substance abuse and also help stop any kind of addiction before it starts. Having children and even adults educated about how important not doing drugs are wont be a guarantee that they won’t do it. But at least educating them will probably lower the chances of them trying drugs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Austin more than staying afloat

Editorial Board

Facebook announced that they are opening a unit that would add 200 jobs in Austin and announced that Yingli Green Energy Americas, Inc. is also considering locating a manufacturing plant here. This could create 300 jobs for us Texans. The fact that Austin has lost about 2,300 jobs between December 2008 and December 2009 shows there is a great need for new industries . If those companies open up here, it is estimated that 850 jobs will be created for jobless Texans. Facebook and Yingli Green Energy Americas, Inc. will get tax breaks totaling approximately $200,000 and $355,000, respectively over a ten year period from the government if they provide jobs as promised. Everything sounds great, the only thing is Austin, TX and Phoenix, AZ are in competition for the same job creations. The writer of the article noted that president Harry Truman believes that a recession means a neighbor lost his job and a depression means you lost yours. Under that definition, too many Central Texans are in a depression.” Based on everything that I have read in the article and paraphrased in my blog, I think every effort should be made by our governing authorities to assure Faacebook and Yingli chooses Austin, TX as their location for business. Central Texas needs jobs now as away to get out of our depressed economy that so many Texans are dealing with. Honestly, this will be a great opportunity to get Texans back to work.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Georgetown man pleads guilty in fatal 2009 wreck

Forty- eight year old Luke AnthonyLooschen pleaded guilty to causing a three-vehicle crash last summer; killing four people and two being injured. A sentence hearing has been marked on March 12th. He could be facing up to one hundred years in jail. He must at least serve half of that sentence and he may never be put on probation. He was twice the legal limit on how much alcohol that you can drink. The DPS trooper said, "you could smell the strong odor of metabolized alcohol from Looschen." Austin Statesman